Hi all, just a quick wee note to let you all know this will be my last post from here, I am jumping ship over to Blogger as my blogging host. You can view my new¬† blogger blog here http://mydarlinglemonthyme.blogspot.com/. I will keep this WordPress blog up and running for a little while, but I won’t be posting new content here. If you are one of my email subscribers and you would like to continue receiving email updates of new posts, you will have to re-subscribe on my new blogger blog following my link above. You will find the email subscription box under my blurb about myself on the right hand side. There you will also find a box to click on to subscribe via RSS if you prefer. Or if you would like to follow posts via Facebook I have a page here you can “like”.

I have been overwhelmed by all of your support and kind words and I thank you all for reading, cooking and enjoying all that I have posted so far. I do hope that you will continue to follow my foodie tales over here at blogger.

Have a lovely day,

Arohanui xx Emm


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